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Illustrating a whimsical winter wonderland

Every year, Hemlock Printers carefully selects an artist or agency to design a unique holiday wrapping paper set, which they generously gift to all their clients. When our Hemlock representative (a special shout-out to Tracy Clark!) arrives with our copies, it’s always a delightful surprise to see their creative designs. Our team eagerly anticipates wrapping our holiday gifts with their beautifully crafted papers, so you can imagine our excitement when we were chosen to create the next designs!

The Hemlock team granted us the freedom to dream up a theme. Being one of the largest printing companies in North America, we wanted to celebrate their expansive network by featuring all the locations they operate in—with a playful twist.


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Scope of Work

  • Brand Application
  • Brand Strategy
  • Illustration
We knew our annual Holiday Wrap campaign was in good hands with the Red Rocket team. The design was exceptional and working with the team was a such a pleasure.

Colleen Moyles

Marketing Manager - Hemlock Printers Ltd.

Christmas characters that delight and inspire

We named it ‘With Love From…’ and designed whimsical, illustrated winter scenes with characters celebrating the season in various Hemlock locations. Picture bears skiing the slopes of Whistler, sea life frolicking with Santa’s elves around Vancouver Island, an octopus delivering Christmas gifts in Seattle Harbour, a tattooed Santa surfing in Santa Monica, and even a festive Statue of Liberty and a row of painted ladies decked out in Christmas decor. Each illustration was created with love, aiming to spread joy and cheer.

A sweetly-scented surprise

The double-sided wrapping paper sheets were packaged all together in a beautifully embossed gift packet with perhaps the best part of all – gingerbread-scented stickers!

They are the most professional and experienced team to work with – producing innovative projects with ease due to the vast experience and knowledge of the entire staff. When working with Red Rocket their energy and love for what they do is truly contagious!

Tracy Clark

Account Manager - Hemlock Printers

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