Ivanhoe Mines

Creating a brand with purpose

Ivanhoe Mines believes in responsible mining as a catalyst for the global transition to clean and sustainable energy — a core part of their mission and philosophy.

We initiated a transformative journey to reshape Ivanhoe Mines’ brand and digital presence. This involved the creation of a new logo, crafting a compelling tagline, establishing comprehensive brand guidelines, and revamping their website to enhance user experience (UX) and streamline the user interface (UI).



Scope of Work

  • Brand Application
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • User Experience & Ui
Ivanhoe Mines worker smiling with a hard hat with logo

Integrating meaning and flexibility

We envisioned a brand identity that would resonate with Ivanhoe Mines’ ethos and aspirations. The result was a fresh, modern logo and a compelling tagline, “Mining with a greater purpose,” – encapsulating the company’s dedication to responsible mining practices in order to extract the necessary metals for the global green-energy transition. A flexible and cohesive identity system was created and applied to their company collateral for a distinctive look.

Ivanhoe Mines brand guidelines example
Example of Ivanhoe Mines social media post templates
Two laptops with the Ivanhoe Mines website

Simplifying the complex with UX and UI

Key to our involvement was a comprehensive overhaul of Ivanhoe Mines’ website. Our aim was to enhance accessibility, engagement, and informativeness. We meticulously designed a seamless user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), considering the intricacies of the mining industry and Ivanhoe Mines’ dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

Ivanhoe Mines African female employee holding hard hat wearing a high visibility vest, smiling
Male hands holding phone reading the Ivanhoe Mines stories.

Designing for investor engagement

We revamped the website to educate and empower investors by simplifying complex information about Ivanhoe Mines’ operations, values, and impact. Our goal was to present a clear view of the company’s growth, value proposition, and contributions to a sustainable future. This involved optimizing the website’s structure, balancing informative content with visual appeal, and ensuring easy access to vital documents for investors.

Two female African locals picking bananas at a local farm
Example of three pages from Ivanhoe Mines website. Home, News and Operations pages

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