Teck Resources Limited

Leveraging corporate sponsorship for maximum impact

Teck Resources, Canada’s largest mining company, sought to enhance community engagement and brand visibility through corporate sponsorship.
They chose to sponsor BC Alpine, a community-oriented brand focusing on athlete development programs and skiing competitions across British Columbia.

To elevate their sponsorship activation and present their well-established brand uniquely, Teck collaborated with Red Rocket. This collaboration aimed to provide a fresh, non-corporate perspective benefiting both Teck and BC Alpine.



Scope of Work

  • Brand Application
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
Teck BC Alpine logo with racing child graphic

Improved recognition in their communities

Teck elevated sponsorship visibility through strategic branding on race bibs, gear, and ads, reinforcing their brand values. The initiative received praise from BC Alpine participants, parents and leaders, showcasing Teck’s positive influence. Community stakeholders appreciated Teck’s sport investment, notably boosting brand recognition.

Red Rocket listened to our business needs and turned the ideas into creative, engaging and effective marketing materials that reached our target audience.

Patrick Doyle

Teck Resources

Teck BC Alpine medals and ribbons for race placement in various brand colours
Teck BC Alpine graphic of coloured lines, representing the speed of the races
Teenage boy wearing logo sleeve blue T-shirt, with the Teck BC alpine mountain graphic

Maximizing impact of sponsorship investment

Teck’s sponsorship went well beyond the initial investment. It continues to remain connected with the sport, its athletes and the communities where the competitions occur. 

Each year the athletes’ Long Sleeve T’s are redesigned with a different graphic. The athletes are proud to wear the swag!

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