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Fostering community harmony through brand identity

The Steveston Buddhist Temple has been a part of the Steveston, British Columbia community since 1928. The members of the Temple wanted to give back to the community and support their aging congregation by creating a seniors’ living community on the land adjacent to the Temple. We partnered with them to name and brand their new senior living community.

Their dream was to make Wisteria Place a community hub that fostered unity between their diverse residents and the greater community of Steveston. We created a brand story and tagline first, which acted as our guiding light when naming and branding the community.


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Scope of Work

  • Brand Application
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Naming
  • User Experience & Ui
Wisteria Place logo breakdown

Developing a name, logo, and identity system

Through our extensive naming process, we came up with the name ‘Wisteria Place’. Wisteria carries diverse cultural meanings, representing humility in Shin Buddhism and new beginnings in Chinese culture. The logo for Wisteria Place features three stylized wisteria blossoms, symbolizing its focus on people, place, and community – the individuals, the location, and the broader Richmond community.

There is no one better in the market for branding and naming. They are detail-oriented, they do their homework and most of all they embed themselves as part of your team to realize your vision.

Karim Kassam

Co-Founder & Principal - Optima Living Communities

Example of Wisteria Place brand guidelines
Canvas bag with Wisteria Place logo on it
Wisteria Place Advertisement on bus stop bench
Flyer advertising the available rooms at Wisteria Place
Example of Wisteria Place PowerPoint template
Wisteria Place letterhead and business cards

Expressing the brand digitally

We crafted a captivating website to showcase Wisteria Place, aligning with its vision and brand personality. Designed to resonate with the target audience, the site utilized curated imagery, a beautiful colour palette, and an optimized layout to inspire potential residents.

Laptop on the desk with Wisteria Place homepage open

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