Work Wellness Institute

Building a scalable, user-friendly, educational resource library

Our collaboration with the Work Wellness Institute (WWi) honed in on optimizing user experience for their digital platform, specifically focusing on the website and resource portal. The primary goal was to create seamless navigation and accessibility for users seeking courses and resources on workplace wellness, mental health, diversity, and inclusion.

After a thorough analysis of the platform’s initial setup, we restructured the layout for enhanced intuitiveness and ease of use. We ensured that courses and resources were organized in an intuitive manner, prioritizing accessibility for all users. The revamped platform now serves as a user-centric hub, advancing WWi’s vision of fostering healthier and more productive work environments.



Scope of Work

  • Brand Communications
  • User Experience & Ui
  • Web Development
An example of the Work Wellness home, course and membership pages.
Working with Red Rocket was fantastic! They asked the right questions, grasped our vision, and worked their magic to create a more user-friendly website. Excited for more projects ahead!

Yousra Benjelloun

Manager, Programs & Operations Work Wellness Institute

A hand holding a mobile with the work wellness courses page

Streamlining Value Propositions and Content

In order to enhance WWi’s accessibility, we began by defining and organizing their value propositions and content. Utilizing journey mapping exercises, we pinpointed the precise content types and information site visitors sought. This initiative streamlined their offerings and made their wealth of resources more accessible to a broader audience.

A laptop displaying the Work Wellness Institutes' homepage
Example of the course information highlighting the content type, the price, course time and weather the course offers accreditation.

Enhancing Website Intuitiveness and Navigation

In refining WWi’s website, we streamlined navigation to meet user needs for tasks and content discovery. The updated homepage design effectively highlights current initiatives, reducing internal upkeep. Additionally, we crafted a Membership Benefits page with FAQs for prospective members, ensuring a clear and intuitive user journey.

A man on his laptop viewing a Work Wellness Institute course
Example of Work Wellness Institutes' course listing page and individual course page

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